• What support can I have for administrative procedures?
    The IT4BI-DC Local Administrative Managers (LAM) at each university will assist students and their families in all administrative and personal matters, including personalized support and recommendations for visa, travel, residence permit, housing, transportation, banking, nurseries and schools for children, medical care and insurance, living conditions, language courses, cultural and social activities, as well as counsels students on fi nancial matters. The LAMs will also assist students in all aspects related to their mobility to the co-advisor and refer them to LAM at the host institution.
  • Do I need to have a special insurance?
    Candidates will be given a full-time employment contract and therefore will be covered by the usual insurance of the partner HEIs. As soon as a student enrolls in IT4BI-DC, he/she will immediately gets a scanned copy of his/her insurance card (required before applying for a visa), and the actual card is delivered upon the student's arrival to the home university.
  • What provision do you have for accommodation, how will that be co-ordinated or where will I stay?
    The IT4BI-DC Local Administrative Managers at each university will help you for finding housing at both universities of the co-tutelle.