Available funds

All IT4BI-DC doctoral candidates are fully funded from the very start, i.e. the awarded fellowship(s) cover all salary costs and operational costs. However, regarding the latter, individual candidates may want to undertake, in collaboration with their supervisors, additional external fundraising.

The IT4BI-DC institutions, in five European countries, are subject to differences in national legislation and general cost structures. Therefore, salaries and available operational funding varies across the institutions, e.g. due to variation in tax levels.

The table below provides an overview of estimated gross and net salary (per month) per doctoral candidate, and an estimate of the available operational funds (per three years). Note that all figures are indicative only.

Table: Overview of gross and net salaries (€/month) and operational funds (€/doctoral candidate) for doctoral candidates at IT4BI-DC partner institutions

Salary ULB AAU* TUD** UPC*** PUT****
Gross 2 175 3 891 2 146 2 186.92 1 947.70
Net 2 175 2 469 1 476.55 1 750 1 373.09
Op.funds 21 600 21 600 21 600 21 600 21 600
* For AAU, on top of this there is a personal pension contribution.
**For TUD, this does not include yearly bonus and tax return
***For UPC, this is in the average at the end of the year (monthly varies depending on tax retention)
****PUT pays a 13th month salary

To compare the cost of living in the various countries you may use the following link.