BDA.13. Visual and Interactive Analytical Querying over Modern Data

With the increasing amount of data that modern applications work with, not only query processing becomes a crucial aspect but also query formulation and result visualization. Query languages such as SQL have been available for a long time and the representation of data as well as query results as relational tables has become a widely accepted standard. Hence, many people have obtained basic knowledge in SQL so that given a relational schema, they can formulate a query and interpret the result correctly.

Modern data formats, such as XML, RDF, and graphs, however, are becoming more and more popular. Hence, additional standards and paradigms for querying are becoming available. But the lack of schema makes query formulation much more difficult for non-experts and people not familiar with the details of a dataset. Essential help can be given to these users by interactive and visual components that guide them through the query formulation process. Likewise, result presentation is more difficult for modern datasets, and presenting results of graph data in tables can easily become counter-intuitive in some applications. Hence, the aim of this topic is to build a framework that helps people formulate analytical queries and interpret results over modern data by making use of visual and interactive components during query formulation and result presentation.

Main Advisor at Aalborg Universitet (AAU)
Co‐advisor at Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)