Aalborg team

Torben Bach Pedersen photo Torben Bach Pedersen is a full professor of computer science at Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark, where he heads the Center for Data-Intensive Systems (Daisy). He received his Ph.D. in computer science from AAU in 2000 and his M.Sc. in computer science and mathematics from Aarhus University in 1994. Before joining AAU in 2000, he worked as a business intelligence specialist in industry for six years. His research interests span business intelligence topics such as data warehousing, OLAP, and data mining, with a focus on non-traditional and complex types of data such as web-related data, spatial and spatio-temporal data, music data, energy data, and medical data. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers on these topics. He has served as PC Chair for DaWaK 2009 and 2010 and DOLAP 2010, General Chair for SSTD 2009, and on numerous program committees, including VLDB, ICDE, and EDBT. He is a member of the SSTD Endowment and the DOLAP Steering Committee.

Christian Thomsen photo Christian Thomsen is an assistant professor working on BI topics such as ETL, data warehousing for complex domains, e.g., smart grid/energy, real-time/right-time BI, and BI technologies for the cloud. He received his Doctorate on data warehouse technologies for complex web data in 2008. Christian leads several research projects on advanced BI topics, including industrial collaboration projects with a number of companies. He is co-advising several Doctoral candidates.

Helen Kjerstein Kristensen photo Helen Kjerstein Kristensen received her Masters degree in Public Administration from Aalborg University in 2005. Since 2006, she has worked at the Doctoral School for Technology and Science, where she is currently Head of Section. She is the main responsible for the implementation and administration of joint Doctoral programs such as EMJD and co-tutelles, and has significant experience from quality assurance, international evaluations, and state audits of the Doctoral education.

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