Bijay Neupane

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Student information
Research topic: 
Advanced Smart Grid Analytics (Intelligent detection and prediction)
Torben Bach Pedersen (AAU)
Wolfgang Lehner (TUD)
Curriculum Vitæ

Academic Degree

August 2013 – Present

  •   Doctoral Candidate IT4BI, Aalborg University, Daisy Lab

September 2011 – July 2013  Masdar Instititute of Science and Technology

  • Master of Science in Computing and Information Technology.
  • Research: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics.
  • Thesis Title: "Ensemble Learning-based Electricity Price Forecasting for Smart Grid Deployment." 


  • K. S. Perera, B. Neupane, M. A. Faisal, Z. Aung, and W. L. Woon, "A novel ensemble learning-based approach for click fraud detection in mobile advertising," 2013 International Conference on Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration (MIKE'13), LNCS/LNAI, Virudhunagar, India, 2013, accepted for publication.
  • B. Neupane, K.S. Perera, Z. Aung, and W.L. Woon, "Articial Neural Network-based Electricity Price Forecasting for Smart Grid Deployment," in Proc. 2012 IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Industrial Informatics (ICCSII'12), pages 1-6, 2012.
  • B. Neupane, Z. Aung and W.L. Woon, "A New Image Edge Detection Methodusing Quality-based Clustering", in Proc. 10th IASTED International Conference on Visualization, Imaging, and Image Processing (VIIP'12), pages 20-26, 2012.